Quality, variety and novelty

The panels Cates Design can be produced in the fabric, or with wooden frames of different finishes (matt, glossy, sand, etc.), always combined with a wide variety of types of chains shapes, diameters and different colors (chrome, black nickel, gold lacquered, polished, stainless steel).

The novelty, variety and quality of the panels Cates Design provide style, elegance and sophistication to the environments in which you live or work.


Decorating with Style

The panels proposed by Cates Design are a special piece of furniture very modern and elegant, whose versatility allow you to make different uses. Used as a monolith, as a picture on the wall as the door, as room dividers, as head of the bed, the panels are available in many variations achievable ad hoc according to the needs and tastes of each.
Each panel is a unique design, customizable colors and finishes, type and size of the chains used.

 100% Made in Italy 

The panels Cates Design, designed by architect Laura Muggiasca are all made entirely in Italy.